Nicole Wilson
August 27, 2023
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If you're receiving EDI service from any VAN provider other than BOLD VAN, you're most likely paying for kilo-character pricing. That means you pay a certain amount of money for every kilo-character of EDI data that you send or receive each month.We offer a unique pricing model that saves many businesses over half of the money that they were spending with kilo-character pricing. Before you learn more about our exclusive pricing model, we invite you to question whether your business has outgrown kilo-character pricing and if you're ready for a change.


When you first implement EDI, you immediately start saving time and money by replacing manual data entry and routine B2B communication tasks. However, the more you use EDI, the less ROI you get with kilo-character pricing because your costs are attached to the amount of data you use.There are some cases where businesses only use a small amount of EDI data each month, but most businesses tend to use more data as their business grows – even when their operations aren't rapidly expanding. For example, if you are doing a higher volume of sales each month, but you aren't adding new trading partners to your network, your EDI costs are going to continue to increase while your overall demand for EDI significantly increasing.Of course, it's only natural that you will continue to use more EDI data as your business grows. And there's no doubt that EDI continues to save you more time and helps prevent more data entry errors as you use it more often. However, there comes a point where EDI no longer saves you money.


Once EDI is no longer saving you money like it once was, it's time to look for a new solution. Since EDI is such a critical component in modern supply chains, it's definitely a justified business expense – but that doesn't mean you can't minimize your EDI expenses more than you are currently.If you shop around the various EDI providers, You'll quickly find that it's not only the kilo-character fees that you have to watch out for. You have to ask them about ALL of their fees because a common complaint of our new customers is that their old VAN was charging way too many fees each month that they weren't warned about upfront.When you migrate to BOLD VAN, you don't have to worry about ridiculous fees:

  • No implementation or contract termination fees
  • No overage or interconnect fees
  • No fees for using less common data formats
  • No fee for receiving a detailed transaction report
  • No fee for retrieving archived EDI transactions for up to a year


Does your organization frequently add new trading partners to your EDI network? Most businesses tend to see their data usage go up quickly, but they don't frequently add new trading partners every single month.If that's the case for your business, you could save a lot of money on EDI each month by switching to BOLD VAN because we are the first and only VAN to offer Trading Partner Pricing. Instead of paying for your kilo-character usage, we give you EDI data and you pay a fixed price for each active trading partner in your network each month.Our pricing model gives businesses more clarity in their monthly budget because it's easier to predict when you will add new trading partners than it is to predict when your EDI usage will go up or down. Plus, you don't have to worry about hidden fees!Learn more about Trading Partner Pricing today!

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Nicole Wilson
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