Value Added Network (VAN)

The Backbone of Your EDI Operations

Are You Utilizing a VAN to Optimize Your EDI Operations?

In the digital age, 99% of B2B communication is electronic. A Value Added Network (VAN) is not just a medium but a catalyst for secure, fast, and efficient communication between businesses. Learn how BOLD VAN's VAN services can be a game-changer for your EDI operations.

Value Added Network (VAN)


Faster supply chain operations

Reduced manual errors

Improved business relationships

Credit card mockups

Simple, yet powerful features

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Multi-Channel EDI

Facilitate EDI via web-based, AS2, and other standard methods.

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Real-Time Monitoring

Keep track of your EDI transactions in real-time.

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Trading Partner Pricing

Save up to 80% on your monthly EDI costs.

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Global Reach

Connect with trading partners worldwide through our extensive network.

How it Works

The EDI VAN trusted by top enterprises around the world

Ready to revolutionize your EDI operations with a robust VAN?