At BOLD VAN, we know that our success doesn’t rely on our industry-leading solutions alone. Our hardworking and dedicated team provides the best customer experience and has helped us create a positive and rewarding atmosphere in the workplace.

We look forward to your success and growth within our company.

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BOLD VAN believes that every employee has a direct impact on growth and success. Creating a work environment that sees the good in every individual is our passion. As a growing company with industry-leading customer support, our dedication to our clients is unparalleled. As a part of that dedication, we look to ensure that everyone at BOLD VAN shares our values and performs at a high level.

Because of our rapid growth, we’re always looking to add new talent to our team.

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The Opportunity

BOLD VAN’s customers have more time to grow their market share and increase their profit margins because of our reliable routing infrastructure.

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The Technology

Our technology boasts industry-leading uptime with a global platform that routes over 1.8 million interchanges each month.

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The Culture

We believe that people create the culture, and we’ve built our company on exceptional people. We value our employees’ effort and input.