EDI Implementation

Simplifying Your Onboarding Process

Are You Utilizing a VAN to Optimize Your EDI Operations?

EDI Implementation is a critical step in becoming a fully operational trading partner. With BOLD VAN, you can become EDI capable without the technical headaches, thanks to our turnkey solutions.

EDI Implementation



No sign-up, setup, or migration fees.


Be up and running in just one business day.


Meet all the requirements of each trading partner.
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Simple, yet powerful features

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Quick Onboarding

Get connected to your trading partners in no time.

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No Additional Hardware

All you need is an internet connection and an email address.

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Automated Document Flow

Seamless data exchange between your business and trading partners.

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Global Reach

Connect with trading partners worldwide through our extensive network.

How it Works

The EDI VAN trusted by top enterprises around the world

Ready to simplify your EDI Implementation process?