EDI for NetSuite

Elevate Your Cloud-Based Business Management

Are You Ready to Integrate EDI Seamlessly into Your NetSuite Environment?

NetSuite is a leading cloud-based business management platform, but its lack of built-in EDI capabilities can be a hurdle. BOLD VAN takes the complexity out of EDI integration, making your NetSuite-powered business more efficient and cost-effective.

EDI for NetSuite


Streamlined business processes

Reduced manual errors

Cost savings through efficient data management

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Simple, yet powerful features

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Seamless Integration

No need for additional hardware or software.

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Data Visibility

Real-time tracking of your EDI data.

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Per-Partner Pricing

Transparent and cost-effective billing.

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SuiteScript Support

Customize your EDI integration using NetSuite's SuiteScript for tailored solutions.

How it Works

The EDI VAN trusted by top enterprises around the world

Ready to optimize your NetSuite operations with EDI?