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The EDI VAN trusted by top enterprises around the world

From our customers.

Empowering enterprises and startups alike with seamless EDI VAN solutions you can trust.

We truly have a partner

We were concerned about interruptions to service when switching VANs. BOLD VAN’s efficient and transparent migration process put us at ease without disruption to our partners.

Casey O'Connell
CTO at Razor USA

The migration was a huge success

The pricing scale and product offerings were a step above all the VANs we researched.

Melvin Hacket
EDI Manager at Spanx

We needed EDI experts to be our EDI experts.”

Reliability is only a portion of what Endust needed in an EDI VAN. We needed to know we count on our EDI partner to give us relevant and resolving answers to our questions. We needed EDI experts to be our EDI experts. BOLD VAN exceeds our expectations.

Sarah Trumbull
CFO at Endust
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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates