EDI for Microsoft Dynamics

Why EDI for Microsoft Dynamics is a Game-Changer

Are You Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics to Its Full EDI Capabilities?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cornerstone for many businesses, offering robust CRM and ERP solutions. However, integrating EDI can be a challenge. BOLD VAN simplifies this process, ensuring seamless EDI integration with your Dynamics 365 setup.

EDI for Microsoft Dynamics


Streamlined data management

Enhanced supply chain efficiency

Cost savings through per-partner billing

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Simple, yet powerful features

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Universal EDI Compliance

No need to adjust EDI standards for each partner.

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Automatic Data Backups

Safeguard your critical business data.

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Per-Partner Billing

Cost-effective and transparent pricing.

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Integrate with other Microsoft services like Azure and Power BI for a unified experience.

How it Works

The EDI VAN trusted by top enterprises around the world

Ready to elevate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 capabilities?