Ben Metzer
August 27, 2023
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Walmart Marketplace expertly balances accessibility and exclusivity.Walmart Marketplace offers third-party sellers a space to sell products right alongside the first-party offerings on is an application process to undergo before selling via Walmart's Marketplace, making Walmart a sweet spot for sellers when compared to Amazon and Target. The competition is fierce on Amazon's Marketplace because anyone can register their products and begin selling within a few days. On the other end of the pendulum, Target Plus is an invite-only platform, so you must wait to get noticed.Walmart's application process is straightforward, but not everyone is accepted. If you're brand-new to the game, you will need to establish your business before applying. Those welcomed into the program already have a history of e-commerce success.Ready to begin? Let's walk through the process.


First, review the extensive Prohibited Product Policy to be sure your items are acceptable. Walmart Marketplace is not the platform to use for an insect-selling business. But all kidding aside, check the list because if you have just one prohibited item in your catalog, your application will be rejected. The policy includes things like hazardous materials, padded baby crib bumpers, event tickets of any kind, some collectibles, and certain cosmetics and electronics, just to name a few.


The online application takes about 15 minutes to fill out. (Tip: Use Google Chrome on a laptop or tablet. Save yourself some hassle and don't try this on a smartphone.) You'll need the following pieces of information:

  • US Business Tax ID (social security number is not accepted)
  • W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury that verifies your U.S. business address or place of physical operations
  • Address or place of physical operations
  • U.S. business address
  • Planned integration method for your product catalog (direct integration or through a solution provider; more on this in the next section)
  • Primary product categories, catalog size, and related information


If you have the bandwidth to handle the Walmart Marketplace account internally, you will select a direct integration. This means your company will upload the items using the API, bulk upload tool, or a combination of both (more to come on this).Another option is to enlist a third-party solution provider to help manage the account. Think about what area you need assistance in (item setup, order integration, price integration, shipping, or others) and seek the right provider for you.If shipping is an area where you need assistance, we offer an EDI-compliant shipping module called DES that can be integrated easily with Walmart. DES stands for distribution enablement system — a low-cost, versatile application that streamlines shipping for you.DES allows you to manage the entire pick-and-ship process from one place for many types of shipments. DES takes charge of EDI requirements, creating UCC labels, automating the entire shipping process (including ship notices). DES is compatible with all major carriers.The DES system is not only for Walmart; it syncs with all major retailers, too.For more information about the benefits of DES, head over to BOLD VAN's Distribution Enablement System is a Game-Changer and Let DES Handle All Your Shipping Needs.


When it's time to get your specs into the marketplace, you have a couple of choices. 1. Bulk Upload Tool – Use Walmart's handy mechanism to get your listing together quickly. (You can upload them individually, but the bulk option is recommended.) The app offers two choices: Setup by Match or Full Item Spec. The former matches your items to descriptions and images Walmart already has in its system. The latter requires more steps in Excel, but Walmart provides instructions, so it's a simple, albeit longer, process.2. API – Connect via Walmart's Item API to submit, update, and retire items; and use its Transaction API to update prices, inventory, and manage orders.3. A combo of #1 and #2.


Walmart provides a quick start guide on the API integration process. The document states: “You must have resources and staff in place that understand API methodology. We currently do not provide training on the basic principles for API integration.This is where a provider like BOLD VAN can be of service to you. Allow BOLD VAN to handle this integration so you can focus on your products and marketing.Let's work together! To learn more about our offerings, contact BOLD VAN: call 844-265-3777 or email

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