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August 27, 2023
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The tech industry has relied on EDI to send massive amounts of data for years. However, the last decade has seen big improvements in efficiency, allowing tech companies to cut back costs.Rapid innovation has taken an industry that started out complex and ramped up the complexity significantly. Tech companies of today rely on more external business partners than ever before to get their products in the hands (or on the screens) of their customers.The tech industry prefers to exchange business information electronically and eliminate paper as much as possible. Tech companies are also quick to internationalize their operations by working with low-cost suppliers in emerging economies across the globe.The desire for overall efficiency and the need for seamless business transactions with international partners makes EDI a perfect fit for tech companies. Human errors, language barriers, and delayed processes are unacceptable in an industry that values speed and accuracy over everything else.


EDI is a time-proven system that provides the quickest and safest way to exchange information internationally. In fact, over 85 percent of global business transactions are accomplished with EDI.Besides minimizing time delay in operations and ensuring a near-perfect accuracy of all data transactions, tech companies are drawn to the cost savings EDI provides. All businesses want to save money where they can.On average, the implementation of an EDI system cuts expenses by about 35 percent. Forester research reports that a major electronics manufacturer calculated the cost of processing an order manually at $38 compared to just $1.35 for an order processed using EDI.In addition to eliminating the costs associated with paper, printing, filing, storage, reproduction, and postage – EDI also removes the hassles that go along with traditional paper systems. Reducing the amount of human involvement required turns painstaking processes that would normally take days into seamless transactions that are completed in seconds.In the early stages of any business, especially tech startups with high operating costs, it's crucial to have a sustainable amount of capital. A lack of money is what kills the majority of businesses before they hit their stride – particularly in the tech industry where quick adaptation is a requirement.EDI can decrease order-to-cash cycles by over 20 percent, allowing tech companies to get paid quicker and build more capital. For many tech startups, this difference can make or break their business.


The tech industry is plagued by one of the most complex supply chain structures. Unlike other industries, tech companies use more outside consultants, contractors, and manufacturers. However, EDI is essential to supply chain management across all industries.Modern tech companies focus primarily on their marketing and branding in-house while outsourcing much of the design and nearly all of the manufacturing of their products. This approach aligns with the desire to remain flexible that is fundamental to the tech industry.Many of the biggest companies in the technology sector operate this way. For example, Apple does not manufacture any of their products. The world's leading tech brand outsources all of their manufacturing to a contract manufacturer.Given the complexity and high speed of the supply and demand chains in the tech industry, it's hard to imagine them not using EDI. Communication between design firms, manufacturers, logistic partners, and retailers requires a reliable solution.Getting started with EDI is easier than you think and implementation is surprisingly quick. Whether you're a tech startup that's looking for a solution that will scale with your business or you're an enterprise that's tired of overpaying for your current system – BOLD VAN can help!BOLD VAN offers a variety of EDI solutions. From cloud-based to full EDI system implementation, we've got the right solution for you. Speak to an EDI Solutions Specialist today 844-265-3777.

BOLD VAN Marketing
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