Ben Metzer
August 27, 2023
5 min read
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We find value in something when the benefit is worth our time, our money, or both. For example, have you ever noticed when you feel a restaurant is overpriced? Typically, it is not the actual bill that makes you feel cheated. However, when the experience falls short of expectations, the value is difficult to find.Finding value in your Value-added Network (VAN) is no different from finding value in a restaurant. You want your VAN to be worthy of your time and your money.Three ways to know you are gaining value from your VAN:


The primary function of every VAN is to simplify companies' EDI processes. A VAN manages EDI transmissions to all your trading partners. Thus, rather than connecting to each partner, you connect only to your VAN. But, this doesn't mean all VANs are the same.A user-focused VAN functions intuitively and offers the ability to manage EDI data on your terms. Ease-of-use allows more people in your company EDI accessibility. Moreover, a VAN designed with you in mind gives you more ways to manage your EDI data. BOLD VAN's web portal gives you access to view and manages EDI data from any device.You want a VAN that not only simplifies your EDI process but one that makes business easier.


Your VAN should value you as much as you value it. You will know your VAN values you by the level of support offered. Support should be accessible. Support should be personal. Most of all support should resolve your particular challenge.Many VANs offer 24/7 support. However, the range of support greatly varies. Make sure your VAN is reachable and available at times you will likely need to troubleshoot EDI issues. For many companies, this is truly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Being able to resolve issues immediately instills deserved confidence in your VAN, and enables you to have positive relationships with trading partners.


Typically, VANs charge for the amount of data exchanged in a billing cycle. There was a time when this made sense. This pricing structure has priced many VANs out of business. Moving data today is more inexpensive than ever before. Also, the amount of data exchanging month-to-month is unpredictable in many industries (e.g. supply chain management, healthcare) creating chaos when budgeting EDI. Furthermore, a pricing structure that is sensible today may not be tomorrow.Being with a VAN with pricing that adapts to your business fluctuations creates value through predictability. Value with peace-of-mind. BOLD VAN carries trading partner pricing. You pay based on the number of trading partners you exchange within a billing period. Predictability. Value.To learn more about trading partner pricing, our web portal, and our award winning support, call today 844-265-3777.

Ben Metzer
Engineering Manager, Layers

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