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April 2, 2024
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BOLD VAN's warehouse management software administers 200+ shipping options, ASN creation, and more.

When I'm awaiting a delivery that I'm stoked about (such as my new running jacket with its nifty pockets and cozy lining), I refresh the tracking page frequently. I enjoy having access to its status at all times, and when it arrives, I happily tear into the package, without thinking about what first set the chain in motion — electronic data interchange or EDI.

If you've been considering an EDI solution for shipping your product into the hands of happy customers like me, BOLD VAN's distribution enablement system is worth a look. In BOLD VAN's DES is a Game-Changer, I wrote about how DES takes charge of EDI compliance and printing UCC labels. This is just the tip of the iceberg — there's so much more the software can do for your business.

No More Toggling

When it comes to getting the goods out the door, you need to have options. DES integrates with all major carriers. You can choose the carrier from within the DES software, and never have to leave the portal. If one customer prefers UPS but another customer only receives FedEx, you don't have to toggle back and forth from FedEx to UPS's interface — they are all located inside DES.

All The Shipping Methods

Can DES handle every single shipping scenario, you ask? Of course! We have programmed 200+ shipping options in our intuitive software. Need a signature upon receipt? Saturday delivery? Next day? International? DES can do it all.

Our distribution enablement system supports United Parcel Service, FedEx, and all other major carriers. These companies encourage EDI solutions and make it as easy as possible to integrate.

“When you incorporate UPS information into your existing EDI infrastructure, you give yourself assurance that tracking results, electronic funds transfers, and other key data are transferred smoothly throughout your enterprise. All UPS domestic and export services are supported,” according to ups.com.

Automatic ASN

Have you ever ordered something online? (If the answer is no, I have many questions!) The email you receive once the product goes out the door is a type of advanced ship notice or ASN.Once the order goes out, DES creates and sends the ASN, telling your customers what exactly is heading their way. The document provides tracking information, carrier, when it's set to arrive, and other pertinent information. ASN document generation is automatically triggered within DES and is compliant with your partner's EDI requirements. The customer has 100% visibility into the status of the order at all times.

But Wait, There's More!

DES can be used to schedule and plan for inbound and outbound shipments as well, and help manage warehouse staff by tracking employee productivity. I covered these features in Get Your docks in a row with Dock Manager.

Get started with us today, and allow DES to manage all of your shipping scenarios. Contact BOLD VAN: call 844-265-3777, email info@boldvan.com, or start your three-month trial.

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