Molly Goad
April 2, 2024
5 min read
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The saying “you're only as fast as your slowest member” is often mentioned in reference to sports or herds of animals, but it can also be applied to your warehouse. One minor slowdown can have a major effect.

In BOLD VAN's Distribution Enablement System Is A Game Changer, we discussed all the ways DES handles EDI compliance and streamlines the UCC label process. In this post, we will look closer at how DES is used to find areas that may be faulty and how it can aid in dock planning.

Dock Manager

BOLD VAN's DES application is a wonderful tool for spotting a link in the chain that may be broken. DES provides a closer look at receiving efficiency, picking accuracy, inventory turnaround, and more. This data will show the areas in need of improvement.DES has an intuitive Dock Manager analyzer that brings to light any slow downs on shipping time. You have several choices when it comes to shipping, and each carrier is different. DES lets you see what time and at which dock a carrier's shipment will arrive, as well as when they are finished. You'll know exactly how long the carrier remains at the dock — invaluable information for planning purposes.The Dock Manager allows companies to schedule inbound deliveries and outbound shipments by using order IDs, carrier information, appointment numbers and more.

Inventory Planning

Furthermore, You'll learn the amount of time it takes from receiving a product to it being available in your inventory. You'll know how long it's shelved for, and when it is purchased and shipped.You can very quickly identify which products may sit around for quite some time, and which ones are flying off the shelves. Find the items that are taking up valuable space in your warehouse — space that could be used for the products that are moving.

Pick and Pack User Profiles

Pick and pack is the first part of the product fulfillment process, consisting of collecting the items in an order and packing them for shipment. The DES Dock Manager allows you to create multiple user profiles to gain visibility into picker and packer efficiency.

When each picker has its own user ID number, you can see just how many boxes a person is packing a day. You may have someone who packs 1,000 boxes a day and another who packs half of that in a day. you're able to find out exactly where a slow down is and decide how to adjust.


DES is a robust warehouse management software solution for a fraction of the price of other solutions, and it's fully customizable.

More often than not, your customers have different order fulfillment requirements. DES shows a customer's specific requirements and prints their bill of lading, master BOL, pick slips, and pack slips under their branding. So when drop shipping an order for Amazon, all documents are branded as Amazon.

Once you get started, you may desire other customizations to better fit your warehouse needs. Don't settle. Ask us how we can better tailor the program for you. We are here to make your warehouse run smoother in any way we can, and DES is not a static program; it's adjustable. Just ask. This is what we do.

Even when things seem to be business as usual, it's crucial to keep looking for areas in your distribution channel that can be improved upon. Technology evolves quickly and you don't want to miss out: contact BOLD VAN by calling 844-265-3777 or emailing Or start your three-month trial today.

Molly Goad
Content Manager

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