Streamline Your Salesforce Operations: BOLD VAN's Seamless EDI Integration Solution

Molly Goad
March 27, 2024
5 min read
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Are you a Salesforce partner or user seeking a robust EDI solution? Look no further than BOLD VAN, offering seamless integration directly into your Salesforce platform via an API connection.

As a Salesforce user, you're well aware of the power of effective software in smoothing operations. Consider taking its efficiency to the next level by integrating EDI through an API.

How Does it Work?

Through a defined API (application programming interface), data seamlessly flows between Salesforce and BOLD VAN, accommodating various scenarios of order generation and processing.

Inbound and Outbound Data Flow

Whether customers are placing orders with suppliers or receiving orders from them, the system ensures smooth transmission. Orders may originate from either end, leading to their translation into the required EDI format by BOLD VAN. These transactions occur through the API.

Data coming from or going to trading partners can be EDI or any other format and can be transmitted using any protocol required by the trading partner. The Salesforce partner or user does not have to worry about the format — EDI, XML, or whatever the partner requires. Additionally, they do not have to be concerned about the protocol. They just exchange documents via API, and we take care of the non-standardization required by their trading partners.

In essence, Salesforce partners or users can focus on their core business activities without being burdened by the complexities of EDI formats and protocols. By exchanging documents with BOLD VAN via the API, they can rest assured that their data will be seamlessly translated and integrated, facilitating efficient communication with trading partners and enabling smooth collaboration across the supply chain.

Benefits of Connecting EDI to Salesforce

Increased Security and Privacy

Enjoy enhanced security and privacy with seamless data transmission, ensuring the confidentiality of your business transactions.

Streamlined Workflow

Bid farewell to toggling between EDI and Salesforce. With integration, interact with both systems from within Salesforce, streamlining your workflow and boosting productivity.

Reduced Queries

Say goodbye to endless queries about order statuses. With data accessible directly within Salesforce, sales reps can promptly address client inquiries without needing to reach out to other departments, ensuring a smoother customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Service

Equip your customer service representatives with real-time access to pertinent information. Whether it's an invoice query or shipping status, having consistent, up-to-date data shared between platforms ensures top-notch customer service, instilling confidence in your brand among clients.

Improved Data Accuracy

By integrating EDI with Salesforce, you reduce the likelihood of manual data entry errors, ensuring that your records are accurate and up-to-date. This leads to better decision-making based on reliable data. Also, sales folks are seeing the information in real time, so they can confidently answer their clients' questions with the same information that everyone else on the team has access to.

Getting Started

Step into the future of EDI with BOLD VAN. Learn how our easy setup, transparent onboarding, and modern portal can save you up to 80% on EDI costs.

Integrating BOLD VAN's EDI solution with Salesforce empowers your business with increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and elevated customer service, ultimately driving growth and success. Take the leap towards a more connected and efficient future for your business today.

Molly Goad
Content Manager

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