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August 27, 2023
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B2B and B2C businesses have different needs. While they aren't completely different, they are different enough to require specialized services and business solutions – such as EDI services.B2B EDI services have to account for the fact that B2B companies are relationship-driven, they typically exchange higher volumes of EDI data, and there is a higher expectation of customer support. Considering this unique set of needs, we've put together a short list of qualities you should look for when comparing B2B EDI services.


Consumers are fond of being early-adopters of new technologies and new brands in an established industry. They have a higher risk tolerance.Businesses don't share the same sentiment. When one component in a supply chain has an error, it can set off a chain reaction of problems that the company has to deal with. As such, businesses look for experience in the services and solutions they invest in.After nearly three decades in the EDI industry, our team has adapted to countless compliance changes and we've stayed on the forefront of innovation by integrating cloud technology and mobile solutions into our EDI services. During this time we've also seen a lot of EDI companies pop up and disappear just as fast because they never truly understood the industry.The best B2B EDI services are provided by the companies who have experience, not only to help you with your current EDI needs but also to keep you ahead of the curve in the future.


EDI is an investment, but the ROI on that investment varies dramatically, depending on which EDI provider you use. We believe B2B EDI services should provide enterprise-level support because otherwise, you might as well have your own in-house EDI team.

  • Full migration from your previous EDI service
  • Onboarding of new EDI trading partners
  • Fast technical support
  • EDI compliance

All included in your normal rate. If you have to pay extra for these necessary support services, it reduces the cost-effectiveness of your EDI service.

Companies want lean operations today, which is why we see more and more services outsourced to specialized firms. As an all-in-one EDI solution, our EDI service allows you to outsource every component of EDI – from the hardware/software configuration to the ongoing support required by actual EDI experts.


Relationships are critical for B2B companies, and you can't risk dealing with reliability issues from your EDI provider. Not only can it negatively impact your business relationships, but it can also slow you down and cost you a lot of money.Fortunately, through the use of a reliable EDI VAN, your business communications are safe from many interruptions outside of your control. For example, when working with manufacturers in developing countries, there's always a concern for internet outages. However, an EDI VAN exchanges data through a phone line, allowing communication to get through.At BOLD VAN, we've taken strong measures to maintain our impressive 99.998% uptime, ensuring that our clients enjoy fast, secure EDI service 24/7.


There are several B2B EDI services that meet the previous criteria, but the final decision all comes down to the bottom line – how cost-effective an EDI service is.B2B companies use a lot of EDI data, which adds up to a massive monthly bill when you're paying by the kilocharacter. Plus, you have to consider how those costs will rise as your business expands.At BOLD VAN, we're the first and only B2B EDI service provider to offer Trading Partner Pricing – which many feel is the perfect solution for B2B companies. Instead of forcing you to pay for every single kilocharacter you exchange, we offer pricing tiers based on the number of active trading partners in your network each month.As your network expands, your cost per trading partner goes down.Learn more about BOLD VAN's B2B EDI solution – BOLD B2B.

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