Ben Metzer
August 27, 2023
5 min read
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Your business needs an EDI network service provider because the majority of EDI users still exchange data through a value-added network (VAN). Regardless of how you configure your hardware and which EDI software you use, your business needs a reliable VAN to transport those EDI transactions.However, the advantage of hiring certain EDI service providers (such as BOLD VAN) today is that they provide everything else you need through a cloud-based EDI solution, along with access to their VAN.EDI IN-HOUSE VS OUTSOURCING EDILarge businesses of the past preferred to build all of their IT systems in-house by default. The justification was simple – you maintain full control over everything, you get more long-term cost savings despite the big upfront investment, and you can hire developers to create custom software integrating EDI to the rest of your enterprise.However, large businesses have started changing directions in recent years. What they have found is that “having control” over the hardware ends up being more of a burden than an advantage.Along with control also comes the responsibility for upkeep and maintenance, in addition to the resources required for storing and securing your EDI infrastructure. It turns out, EDI is another technology that makes more sense to outsource.

When you outsource EDI with BOLD VAN:

  • You don't need to invest in training for your IT staff or hire EDI consultants
  • You don't have to research, purchase, install, and configure EDI hardware and software
  • We translate and map EDI transactions for all of your trading partners
  • We onboard or migrate all of your trading partners for you
  • We handle all ongoing maintenance and upgrades

Outsourcing EDI covers all of your EDI needs for one predictable monthly rate.


One of the reasons we created this EDI blog is to fulfill the need for clear, straightforward information about EDI. Many businesses don't realize that they will most likely need an EDI VAN, no matter what kind of EDI system they use.Even if your business decides to build an in-house EDI system, you will need a VAN to exchange B2B data with all of your trading partners that require the use of a VAN for EDI compliance. If you take a look at the EDI requirements from most of the major brands you would potentially want to partner with, you will see that most require you to have VAN access.Since you will already need an EDI network service provider, why not partner with a provider who can handle all of your EDI tasks?


BOLD VAN was founded by a team of EDI experts with nearly 30 years of experience in the EDI industry. We work with businesses of all types and sizes – from two-person startups to global enterprises.Unlike most EDI network service providers, we have the flexibility to provide as little or as much EDI support as you need, whether we are simply providing you with a reliable VAN or we are replacing your entire EDI department.Our VAN is fast, secure, and has a reliable 99.998% uptime. We stay ahead of the curve on every hardware update available to keep our network running smoothly at all times.If you don't have an in-house EDI system, you can use our cloud-based EDI software to manage all of your EDI data and never have to invest a penny in EDI hardware or software. All you need is an internet connection to get started.However, the best part about hiring us as your EDI network service provider is getting access to the most cost-effective EDI VAN pricing in the world – Trading Partner Pricing. Rather than charging you for every kilo-character of data you use, we give you EDI data each month and only charge you for the number of active trading partners in your network.Our mission is to provide businesses with an EDI solution that is powerful, scalable, and one that makes sense now, as well as in the long-run.Learn more about Trading Partner Pricing from BOLD VAN!

Ben Metzer
Content Manager

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