EDI Solution: Eliminate “black box” with E-Tracks

Molly Goad
April 2, 2024
5 min read
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Are you looking for an EDI solution that focuses on transparency? Our cutting-edge E-Tracks application might be the answer.

Many users think of electronic data interchange (EDI) as a “black box” system. While vital, supply chain participants lament that EDI lacks full transparency.  With our innovative E-Tracks application, BOLD VAN delivers the coveted clarity that's missing in other EDI solutions.

E-Tracks' hallmark feature alerts users when the intended recipient hasn't received EDI documents. I'll show you the importance of this component below.

Functional Acknowledgment

First, let's talk about functional acknowledgments (also known as an EDI 997). These uber-important documents reduce fines and chargebacks when appropriately used. When a partner receives your outbound EDI documents, their EDI system sends a functional acknowledgment to you.It's much like selecting delivery confirmation when you order a gift or flowers for a friend. You receive the confirmation text or email as soon as your friend signs for the package. However, you must follow up with the provider if you don't receive delivery confirmation. Unfortunately, in today's busy world, we quickly forget to check on deliveries of this nature. I'd love a system that could inform me when a gift doesn't arrive.

An EDI 997 is like a delivery confirmation email or text. And E-Tracks tells senders when intended recipients don't receive an EDI 997. Much like the scenario of sending a gift, in the EDI arena, it's up to the sender to ascertain whether or not the business partner received the documents.

This level of notification improves many situations.

An EDI Solution to Reduce Chargebacks

Clients send an EDI advance ship notice (EDI 856) — a document that states the contents of a shipment to the receiving company — ahead of a shipment's arrival. ASNs give the receiving party time to plan and staff the warehouse for every delivery. But suppose the receiving partner doesn't receive the ASN, yet the shipment arrives. Then, the unprepared warehouse uses extra resources to attend to the delivery.As a result, the client issues an ASN chargeback fee to the unsuspecting sender, unaware that the ASN wasn't received. (Chargebacks can range from $25 to $250 per carton.)You will erase this scenario with our E-Tracks application. The app sends an unaccepted ASN notification, making it possible to intervene before it's too late.

An EDI Solution Ensures On-time Payments

E-Tracks can prevent situations that directly affect your cash flow. For example, suppose you send out invoices, but your trading partner doesn't receive them. This can cause a lag in the time between invoicing and receiving payment. E-Tracks eliminates these delays; the application alerts clients when it doesn't receive the functional acknowledgment. The client can fix the problem much quicker with E-Tracks in the picture.

Reduce Strain on IT

Often, when a manager wants to know if the trading partner has received an ASN or invoice, they ask the IT department for help. With our E-Tracks EDI solution, employees don't have to contact IT to get their questions answered — they can find out for themselves. Removing an unnecessary step is terrific, right? Your IT department will thank you!

EDI Data in Human, Readable Format

If you're familiar with EDI, you know that raw EDI data looks like a different language. It's a system where users can see the inputs and outputs but have no insight into what goes on behind the scenes. E-Tracks translates that language into something every user can understand  — a human, readable format. How great is that?!To find out how to get started with E-Tracks, contact BOLD VAN by calling 844-265-3777 or emailing info@boldvan.com.

Molly Goad
Content Manager

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