Six Returns Management Solutions for eCommerce Merchants

Molly Goad
March 21, 2024
5 min read
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March 2024 Update: As of Oct. 1, 2023, Affirm has shut down the Returnly platform and directed its merchants to use Loop. Therefore, this article has been updated to include another platform: ReverseLogix.

As consumers order more and more things from the web, sending things back (also known as reverse logistics in the supply chain world) has become a frequent event. Consumers want the experience to be painless and free.

So it's an area where online merchants have a chance to shine. If you're looking to invest in a returns management solution for your ecommerce store, the options are plentiful. And most programs are integrated easily with any warehouse management system (WMS), including BOLD VAN's distribution enablement system — there's no need to change what you're already doing.

Here are six solid returns platforms that are worth checking out.

1. ReverseLogix

"Returns – if not managed right – will cost you in labor, warehousing, waste and customer satisfaction," ReverseLogix website states. The company sets out to show potential users just how much they could save through their ROI calculator. Plug in your info and reveal your estimated return on investment for the next three years, calculate your first-year savings percentage, and learn how quickly ReverseLogix RMS could pay for itself.

ReverseLogix offers your warehouse team "a faster and easier way to work." The program includes a simple user interface, clear product information, and automated tasks. Additionally, set your own rules for returns: reselling the item in your sore, repairing it, or sending it to a recommerce site. The company says it's the only RMS to account for complex rules and automatically route returns based on the rules its customers set.

Integration: ReverseLogix RMS integrates with key supply chain software, including OMS, WMS and TMS, and includes out-of-the-box integrations with leading eCommerce and POS systems. Set rules and policies for partners that standardize returns across your network.

Pricing: Contact the company.


An overview of ReverseLogix. (Source:

2. ReturnLogic

ReturnLogic is for Shopify retailers only.

Integration: E-commerce platforms connect with ReturnLogic's out-of-the-box integrations. Also, customers may build their own connections with ReturnLogic's open-source API.

Pricing: begins at $299 per month.


This is just a handful of the numerous offerings from ReturnLogic. For the complete list, go to

3. Loop

“Loop is the exchange-first returns platform for scaling Shopify brands.”

Like ReturnLogic, Loop is for Shopify retailers. The best thing I saw on their site is the return demo: You can click through a “pretend” return and get a feel for how it will work in your online store. Genius!

While Shopify does offer returns data, Loop dives deeper into the analytics, because not all returns are the same. Loop provides a breakdown of the return composition, including refunds, simple exchanges like swapping out sizes, gift cards, and “Shop Now” exchanges for new products.

Integration: Loop integrates with a plethora of tools to make returns automation a breeze. You can show returns info inside of Gorgias, send return events to your 3PL (like ShipBob), and fully integrate into an ERP.

Pricing: Contact the company for a custom quote.


This Gameboy illustration demonstrates how Loop helps clients take their returns to the next level, integrating with Klaviyo, Gorgias, ShipHero and NetSuite. (Source:

4. Happy Returns by UPS

Update: Happy Returns was acquired by UPS from PayPal at the end of 2023. The text below has been edited.

This provider wins points in my book for a name and logo that make me smile. Happy Returns' claim to fame: Returns are made in person without boxes or labels at third-party locations known as “Return Bars” (U.S. returns only).

“Our Return Bar network has expanded to nearly 10,000 box-free return locations, with 90% of Americans living within 10 miles of a Return Bar,” the company's website says.

I was curious how close a Return Bar is to me, and my search showed the nearest one to be 2 miles away at a UPS office. Other locations nearby included Giant Eagle, Cost Plus World Market, Petco, and Ulta Beauty.

Additionally, the company partners with other returns merchants, like Loop Returns, to spread the Retun Bar love around.

“Since we started Happy Returns, it's been our goal to make sustainable, in-person returns available to as many merchants and shoppers as possible,” the company stated in its Loop announcement. Those who use Loop Returns are able to offer their customers convenient, box-free returns at any Return Bar location.

Integration: Happy Returns supports 3PL integrations.

Pricing: Contact the company.


Features included in the Happy Returns Plus and Enterprise plans. (Source:

5. Narvar

I've received many a shipping notice from Narvar in my day.

You probably have as well, seeing as it “powers billions of interactions” across multiple channels — Web, mobile, email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, voice, and more. Just like Happy Returns, Narvar Return & Exchange offers box-free returns, yet with quite a few more drop-off locations at 200,000 and counting. Narvar allows customers to schedule their return pick up from home as well.

Integration: Narvar supports any order, warehouse, or transportation management system in use now and it will adapt if you change systems. The system works with pretty much any ecommerce platform: Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, SalesForce Commerce Cloud, in-house platforms, and more.

Pricing: To find out how much Narvar will run, contact the company's sales department.


Narvar offers 200,000+ drop off locations, integrations with just about anything, and status updates via SMS, WhatsApp, and more. (Source:

6. WeSupply

WeSupply boasts a “fully branded experience.” Instead of sending shoppers to a third-party courier page, users retain control of the look with their own branding, logos, and colors. This includes tracking emails, landing pages, and SMS notifications. Another cool feature: Merchants can highlight key products and promotions at the aforementioned touchpoints based on the customer's interests.

The company helps clients nip unnecessary communication in the bud with proactive email and SMS notifications. “Stay ahead of the curve by proactively notifying your customers before they need to ask you a question about their order,” their website states. (This reminds me of how I try to preempt the annoying “what's for dinner?” question from my kids by writing it on our whiteboard as soon as I have a plan.)

Integrations: WeSupply integrates with hundreds of third-party tools. Just click on their integrations page and keep scrolling … and scrolling … and scrolling.

Pricing: The company offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card to get started. WeSupply's pricing page (below) includes a drop down box where you can choose the amount of returns you process per month to obtain pricing.


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