It's Easy to Switch Electronic Data Interchange Providers

Nicole Wilson
August 27, 2023
5 min read
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Businesses often delay changing electronic data interchange providers for various reasons. There are common myths surrounding this topic. Concerns over cost, business disruptions, and complications abound. Let's debunk these myths together.

Myth #1: Enlisting a new EDI provider is expensive

Cost is a concern. Yet, you should take a moment to think about the areas that are lacking in your current setup. Does your EDI provider respond quickly? If they are slow to respond, you are losing money. Does it offer proactive support? Some companies offer reactive support, fixing issues as they happen. But EDI providers that look proactively for potential issues will save you money in the long run. You need a solution that puts the brakes on any disruptions before they develop. With this in mind, BOLD VAN debunks the myth that it's too costly to switch to a different EDI solution. You will enjoy the following cost savings:

  • No initial setup or contract termination fees
  • No interconnect or overage fees
  • No fees for unique data formats
  • No fee to retrieve archived data for up to a year
  • No fee to provide transaction reports

BOLD VAN's trading partner pricing model is unique and worth exploring. BOLD VAN offers pricing based on the number of trading partners and not on the amount of data sent.

Myth #2: Inevitable business disruptions

Nowadays, you can get set up with most EDI providers without disruptions. BOLD VAN, for example, has a couple of ways to approach your VAN migration. You may keep your old VAN and execute a phased approach by migrating one partner at a time. Or, you can migrate all your trading partners at once. Service continues as usual. No interruptions.

  • You select the new service start date and time.
  • BOLD VAN sends authorization letters 5-7 days in advance. The letter indicates the date to begin routing data to BOLD VAN.
  • No risk of data loss or disruption during the migration.

Nonetheless, BOLD VAN helps you decide which option is best for your company.

Myth #3: It's complicated to move

Breaking up with your long-time EDI provider seems hard. It feels daunting to go elsewhere. But I urge you to set aside those feelings because it's not as difficult as it seems. The benefits of an EDI service tailored to your company's needs outweigh any of the cons. Above all, BOLD VAN takes the worry out of migration.

  • Migrating to BOLD VAN is transparent to your trading partners.
  • Your trading partners don't need to do anything.
  • You can see the migration status with each of your trading partners on BOLD Manager.
  • BOLD VAN's cloud-based EDI portal shows when your trading partners have moved and when data reception occurs.
  • You may migrate your existing EDI ID or use a new one provided by BOLD VAN.
Nicole Wilson
Content Manager

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