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Endust’s Journey to Operational Excellence with BOLD VAN

EDI at Scale

Endust has been a leading manufacturer of furniture sprays and dusters for over 60 years. Their products are widely available in all major retail stores across the United States and Canada, including Walmart, Target, and Home Depot. Like most companies that manufacture and sell consumer goods at scale, Endust has a diverse supply chain that relies heavily on EDI for B2B communication.

"Reliability is only a portion of what Endust needed in an EDI VAN. We needed to know we count on our EDI partner to give us relevant and resolving answers to our questions. We needed EDI experts to be our EDI experts. BOLD VAN exceeds our expectations."

Sarah Trumball

A Fresh Approach to EDI



Monthly EDI expenses cut in half


Access to archived documents for 12 months


Real time instant visibility into EDI operations

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