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Elevating Razor USA's Warehouse Management with BOLD VAN

EDI at Scale

Razor USA scooters completely transformed the scooter industry in 2000, changing how people thought about and interacted with scooters. Through innovative engineering and creativity, when people think of scooters, they’re thinking about Razor USA’s design. Because of Razor USA, the scooter industry will never be the same. Razor USA’s Model A scooter is its flagship product and is likely what comes to mind at the mention of a Razor USA scooter, but the brand now has a wide range of products. Some of Razor USA’s other popular products include hoverboards, electric scooters, RipStiks, Jetts Heel Wheels, and more.

"DES is a game-changer for us. We had a glaring need to increase our warehouse efficiency to meet the demands of our growing business."

Casey O'Connell

A Fresh Approach to EDI



Over five hundred staff-hours saved every month.


All trading partners managed to their specifications with 100% compliance.


Hundreds of thousands of items shipped with a single click.

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