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Spanx's Transformation Journey with BOLD VAN

EDI at Scale

Spanx got its start one night when the founder, Sara Blakely, was getting ready for a party and couldn’t find a flattering undergarment to wear. In a burst of genius, she found a pair of pantyhose and cut off the feet to create the first pair of undergarment that would later become Spanx. Since then, Spanx has exploded and are now worn by women of all ages all across the globe. Spanx is available in retail stores in over 50 countries! Common to all fast-growing businesses, comes “good-to-have” problems, such as scaling B2B communication and optimizing the supply chain.

"The entire process was seamless, and the migration was a huge success. We experienced no issues during the transition - most notably there were no data interruptions throughout the migration process."

Melvin Hackett
EDI Manager

A Fresh Approach to EDI



Reduction in monthly EDI costs.


Free data access available.


No added fees or penalties.

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