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Torani's Journey to EDI Cost Efficiency with BOLD VAN

EDI at Scale

Torani started as a family business in 1925 in Lucca, Italy. Their flavored syrup was used to create the world’s first flavored latte! Today, Torani sells over 100 syrup flavors, sauces, and beverage bases to consumers and businesses around the world. As a global business that’s active in a variety of markets, Torani uses a tremendous amount of EDI data each month to keep their supply and demand chains operating efficiently.

While we love the monthly savings we experience, we value the support we receive more. We know that we can depend on BOLD VAN and that we can expect prompt and efficient support from Beth. EDI is not something that concerns us at Torani any longer. We are very happy to rely on our own EDI experts to figure it out.

Paola Ortega
Director - Supply Chain Technology

A Fresh Approach to EDI



54% reduction in EDI Costs


No service downtime during migration


100% customer support satisfaction rating

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